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5/18/20 UPDATE

Dear Parents and Dance Students,
Thank you for your patience.  It was important to me to be patient and try to do our recital as safely and as much like we are used to as possible! Here is our plan... now remember, it could change. But I think it is late enough where it will all work out just fine!  
We will begin dance classes back on Monday, July 13th at regular times except for Sunday classes will be moved to Thursday (5:30-6:15 Intermediate Lyrical, 6:15-7:15 Intensive Class, 7:15-8 Seniors, 8-9 High School Company)
This will be with precautions.  Hopefully, at that time, we will be in phase 2, maybe even 3 but for now, here would be our process. 
~ we will close the lobby and only allow students in the building.  They will enter and exit through the doors of each dance room.  Bathroom time will be limited and we would encourage using the bathroom at home!  No using water fountain, everyone should bring their own water. 
~ We will have to end each class early to disinfect.  Details on exactly how to do that will be given.  
~ We will check temperatures at the door, sanitizer as they enter and as they leave.  
Picture Day
Sunday, July 19th.  For now, we will probably keep the same schedule and close the lobby.  More on that later
Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsal for 4:00 show will now be on Friday, July 31st  at 6:00 PM.  Dress Rehearsal for the 7:00 show will be at 8:00 am on Saturday, August 1st.  We will be limiting who comes into dress rehearsal.  I might make it students only, I haven't decided yet. And like the recital, dress rehearsal might have to be in shifts.  
Saturday, August 1st!  The times are tentative 4:00 and 7:00. If we have to limit our crowd at that time, we will have mini recitals according to age throughout that day.  
I think this will all work out wonderfully. This gives us all of June and the week before and the week after 4th of July for everyone to take vacations! As well as a week and a 1/2 before school starts.  We can do things just like normal, we just possibly won't have as many in the audience at one time!  
Zoom Classes
Until we start having classes again, you need to PRACTICE YOUR DANCE AT HOME! Beginning on July 13th, we will have 3 (in-studio) lessons and a dress rehearsal (at Airline) to have our dances ready for the recital but only if you have been practicing at home and/or coming to your ZOOM classes. We are zooming every other week and have given out our cell numbers for individual FaceTime practice. WE WANT TO HELP YOU! Some of our other teachers have had to take other jobs where their times and days might have to change for zooming. We are doing our best and we continue to keep you informed on BAND.  
Summer Classes
Our cheer, hip hop, and dance camps are ON!  I'm still trying to decide on the other classes (gymnastics and intensives) they will have to have many modifications. But I'm doing my research and will let you know soon.  
2020-2021 Dance Season
Please don't miss out on the 1/2 off registration fee during the month of May only.  You can register HERE. Try to use your computer to set up your parent portal.  There have been some issues when using a phone.  Call me anytime! I would LOVE to talk to you about options 318-347-3355.  
We have the most outstanding staff next year that you are going to adore!  We have so many exciting plans for you!  
Happy dancing!